Thursday, May 24, 2007


So the project's going smoothly.

I had a meeting with Avery on Monday, in which we basically discussed a lot of abstract stuff and got to know each other's artistic vision better. Another meeting will probably happen next week, and there'll probably be another delicious pie. That's something to look forward to.

I also talked with my Dad for awhile last night about art and the creative process. We went to the art-supply store this morning to pick up some new sketch pads and other items. It seems that each step like this that we take serves to legitimize what we're doing and remind us of the scope of this project and the many hours of time needed to complete it.

After our talk last night my Dad's begun to look within himself for inspirations on the best way to complete these assignments. I know that my Mom and I already have, as she's actually working on #45 every night before she falls asleep.

The challenge will be bringing the kids on board. Mary is precocious and has a short attention span, but her role in this will basically be to just be herself and be cute. Pete seems busy with school but I'm sure he'll be ready for anything once his summer vacation starts. Syd exists in her own reality and doesn't much care for the outside world, so we'll have to instill her with some kind of motivation. I think that the kids have been going to artistic, holistic schools for so long that they might have a subconscious mindset of art as work, because they have to do it for homework so often. This project will show them that art can be fun again.

I'll post again soon. I'll be going to San Francisco for a few days next week so it'll be up to others to update this blog and get an assignment or two done while I'm gone. We've also got other Olivers coming next week, specifically my uncle James and grandmother Peggy. I'm currently looking at ways to integrate them into the project.

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