Monday, July 23, 2007

Videos are up!!!

Hey everybody,

We've posted two of our completed video assignments to YouTube. They're pretty freakin' awesome.

#13, recreate the moment after a crime.

#38, act out someone else's argument.

More to come later, including two featuring the incomparable talents of MARY.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Mikey's Choice

Updates to our section of the LTLYM site. Ch-check it out.

Assignment #32 is to draw a scene from a movie that made us cry. My Dad picked Sophie's Choice, which made him cry in 1982 but which he hasn't seen in years. So we decided to obtain that film so he could draw it...

and we ended up with three Sophies from three different places. One on reserve from the library, one from Netflix, and one VHS tape (if you forgot what that is, go here) borrowed from Pete's friend Stuart. So now Dad has a choice of which one to watch. Stay tuned for what scene he'll draw, 'cause it's gonna be freakin' awesome.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Home Movies

Hello dear readers (it seems we have some now!),

This week we're making movies. We have borrowed an adequate video camera from a chill dude named Winky, and we've begun filming the video assignments. Yesterday we completed number 38, acting out someone else's argument. I'm working on YouTubing it for your viewing pleasure, but I'm still working out the kinks in this new computer and haven't quite figured out how to upload stuff yet. Besides, we've got a lot of other stuff to do today, like:

#3, making a video about a small child.
#22, recreating a scene from Laura Lark's life story.
#47, re-enacting a scene from a movie that made someone else cry (this one's gonna be freakin' awesome).

In other news, we've got our own section on the LTLYM site!!! Yuri, the LTLYM guru, will be posting a lot of our assignments here as we complete them, so check in for updates and to see what we're doing. Also, don't forget to show some love for the viz arts portion of the Bumbershoot site...there's a sweet description and pic of us, and you can also read about all the other awesome exhibits that will be gracing this year's festival. And check out our other favorite sites too...including our favorite charities, news sources, and dire predicitions for the future.

That's all for now, as I'm off to work on some more assignments...we're gonna try and post to the blog every day now that y'all are reading it.


Thursday, July 19, 2007

Little Info Blast

Hey whats going on ? Just a quick update on what we're doing. We are cranking in full gear trying to get all the assignments done tonight we actually went around town and picked up a few samurai swords for project #47 we chose the ending scene of Kill Bill Volume I. So me and nigel are going to head down to the arboretum tomorrow and get a little sword fighting action. We're just working very hard because we have a goal set to be done with all the projects by the end of July which is proving harder than anticipated do to the fact that half the family works and i'm at crew for half of the day every day. But hopefully we'll be DONE AND DONE by the 31st and everything will be just peachy


Saturday, July 14, 2007

Heating Up and Getting On

Things have been heating up around Seattle this week. Our deadline looms as the temperatures soar. The first third of the projects were easy as they were things that interested us and we were enthused to get started. Then there is a group of things that are of interest but take more expertise/equipment/time/resources than are readily available to the average (speaking in global or national terms, not in Seattle terms) family. These are the group we're doing now. Then come just a few which don't seem to speak to any of us but are part of the group and so much be accomplished. Much like chores I think. Thankfully there are very few that fall into this category.

We've borrowed a video camera (thank you SO much, Winky!) for the week so I hope we can do our video shooting this weekend. With so much going on, it's becoming a bit more of a challange to track our assignments as well. To remember to photograph them for all of you watching the website that won't be able to attend Bumbershoot this Fall. For some items it seems as though there are two sets of projects, one for the assignment as stated on the website and the other for how we will display the actual piece at the festival. There are sizes and frames to be considered for photographs, how to impart the audio and video portions to a live audience, how to care for some of the work which is fairly fragile and for some pieces - how to keep them alive or care for them so they are still presentable in September.

This duality is one of the reasons we've given ourselves the end of July deadline. It gives us then some time to breathe and appreciate what we've done and also to make sane decisions about how to present them to all of you who will be attending Bumbershoot. Check out our ad at by clicking through to the visual arts schedule and then on our project.

Must go now - time to make a movie star of Mary!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Linked up

Hello dear readers (if we have any, feel free to make yourselves heard in the comments)!!! It's supposed to be a record-breaking scorcher in Seattle today, with the mercury as high as 97 degrees American. Hotter than what I'm used to, to be sure, but somehow I think we'll all make it through okay.

Now: the project. We've got a new self-imposed deadline of July 31st and a lot of assignments left to do, including several big ones. Yesterday I went and interviewed one Abe Osheroff, a veteran activist who's been fighting fascism for over 75 years (#59, someone who's experienced war). He is quite a character and will be an awesome edition to our show. Today we're in the midst of several other assignments, including #s 54, 36, 21 and 12. We'll see if we can get some serious work done on those before heat exhaustion takes over.

In other news, we have a new project manager. The incomparable Avery Bloom has been replaced with the veteran Daniel R. Smith, curator of the Seattle Havana Poster Show, which will also be seen at Bumbershoot. We haven't gotten to Dan too well yet, but he seems like a confident capable guy who I'm sure we'll get along great with.

And finally, more good news: we're finally linked to the Bumbershoot site!!! Hopefully this means more fans of our exhibit, more traffic for our blog, and hopefully it means they'll leave comments! If anyone leaves a comment today, I promise one of us will remember to blog again tomorrow morning. Until then, peace.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

How we're going along

Good morning, all,
We had a meeting with SuperBob last night where we gave him some more completed tasks, and let him know which we will give to him (hopefully) next week. There are parallels to doing this art to my work, clock repair: you might have a good idea of what you think is needed when you begin only to find at the end that the project had become something much different in the doing... But that's part of what I find so fascinating about clock work- solving the puzzle of what needs doing then figuring out how to get to that point. Anyhow,

This project has so united us; it has given us a long-term common focus. A family might be " in focus" like this for other things like pulling off a wedding or a move, but this is longer it time than that, and it's fun.

Be back soon, Mike

Sunday, July 1, 2007

New Pictures

Oh boy some new pictures isn't it exciting!!!!

Michael Working on #51

Petey and Nigel working on #46

Petey and Nigel working on #46

Michael working on project #51