Tuesday, July 3, 2007

How we're going along

Good morning, all,
We had a meeting with SuperBob last night where we gave him some more completed tasks, and let him know which we will give to him (hopefully) next week. There are parallels to doing this art to my work, clock repair: you might have a good idea of what you think is needed when you begin only to find at the end that the project had become something much different in the doing... But that's part of what I find so fascinating about clock work- solving the puzzle of what needs doing then figuring out how to get to that point. Anyhow,

This project has so united us; it has given us a long-term common focus. A family might be " in focus" like this for other things like pulling off a wedding or a move, but this is longer it time than that, and it's fun.

Be back soon, Mike

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