Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Linked up

Hello dear readers (if we have any, feel free to make yourselves heard in the comments)!!! It's supposed to be a record-breaking scorcher in Seattle today, with the mercury as high as 97 degrees American. Hotter than what I'm used to, to be sure, but somehow I think we'll all make it through okay.

Now: the project. We've got a new self-imposed deadline of July 31st and a lot of assignments left to do, including several big ones. Yesterday I went and interviewed one Abe Osheroff, a veteran activist who's been fighting fascism for over 75 years (#59, someone who's experienced war). He is quite a character and will be an awesome edition to our show. Today we're in the midst of several other assignments, including #s 54, 36, 21 and 12. We'll see if we can get some serious work done on those before heat exhaustion takes over.

In other news, we have a new project manager. The incomparable Avery Bloom has been replaced with the veteran Daniel R. Smith, curator of the Seattle Havana Poster Show, which will also be seen at Bumbershoot. We haven't gotten to Dan too well yet, but he seems like a confident capable guy who I'm sure we'll get along great with.

And finally, more good news: we're finally linked to the Bumbershoot site!!! Hopefully this means more fans of our exhibit, more traffic for our blog, and hopefully it means they'll leave comments! If anyone leaves a comment today, I promise one of us will remember to blog again tomorrow morning. Until then, peace.


^^ said...


I find it wonderful that your family decided to take on this project together and I check this blog almost every day. Keep up the good work!

Claudia ^^
from Montreal, Canada

P.S: This post is full of typos. ;)

Nigel said...

Thanks for the support Claudia. Montreal rocks btw!!!

Daniel Smith said...

Hello Olivers!!
Just wanted to let you know that I posted some exhibit photos on flickr: