Monday, July 23, 2007

Videos are up!!!

Hey everybody,

We've posted two of our completed video assignments to YouTube. They're pretty freakin' awesome.

#13, recreate the moment after a crime.

#38, act out someone else's argument.

More to come later, including two featuring the incomparable talents of MARY.


^^ said...

The Toast Argument is hilarious!

Nigel, how come you have a British accent and your father doesn’t?

Claudia ^^

zs said...


You are great.


Miranda said...

i just wrote the introductory text for the show, that people will see as they walk in. here it is:

Sometimes it is a relief to be told what to do. We founded the website Learning to Love You More on the premise that joyful and even profound experiences can come out of following other people's instructions. Sometimes the moment you let go of trying to be original, you actually feel something new. Visitors to the website are invited to accept an assignment, complete it by following the instructions, and send in the required photograph, text, video, drawing or sound. More than 5,000 people have done assignments over the last five years.

In this exhibition you will see responses to all 63 assignments - all made be one Seattle family, the Olivers. We don't know the Olivers; they live next door to Bob Redmond, the guy in charge of Bumbershoot. He put us in touch with them last spring when we told him our idea of collaborating with a local family. In retrospect, it was kind of a crazy idea - I mean what family is going to spend the whole summer writing down their arguments (assignment #37), photographing each other kissing (#39), and recording the sounds that are keeping them awake (#58)? (Not to mention the other sixty assignments.) We are guessing that only a very special kind of family would do such a thing, one that is daring, thoughtful, silly, and interested not only in each other but in the whole world. Meet Mary, Nigel, Michael, Carol, Pete and Sydney Oliver.

xo, miranda

Nigel said...


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

"Too many of us look upon Americans as dollar chasers. This is a cruel libel, even if it is reiterated thoughtlessly by the Americans themselves." - Albert Einstein !

what is the point of this quote ?

Anonymous said...


"Technological progress is like an axe in the hands of a pathological criminal." [url=]-[/url] Albert Einstein !
He's joke, isn't it ?