Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Just a Few More Days!

Dear Readers,
I feel we've neglected you the past couple of weeks. But we've been so busy trying to finish up the last few assignments. We put polishing touches on many we considered "done" but were not yet ready-for-prime-time. We done extensive video and audio editing on many of the pieces that we'd shot or recorded but hadn't yet brought to a state of readiness. Many of these can be found on google video now.

The Installation of all our hard work occurs this weekend. All of the tactical pieces will be hung, squared, matted/framed and otherwise arranged on the walls and plinthes. We only have about 4 more assignments to finish up. One that we are having trouble with is the creation of our own LearningtoLoveYouMore assignment. While Bob frantically tries to get our committment of what this piece will be, we are trying to dig deeper to find something that can truly be meaningful and worthy of all the tasks we've already accomplished while at the same time being something that will be awesome to experience. We've thought of and almost agreed on at least 1/2 dozen different things, but still have found THE one.

Michael has written the lyrics to the world's saddest song and tonight I will put it to music. It is short, sad, and will pluck at your heartstrings. It's also in spanish. Covering the song by Crowded House has proved to be tougher than we thought and elusive to put our desired "spin" on it. There is the added dimension of this one that this song and the band who made it famous will actually BE at Bumbershoot and thus anything we do may well pale in comparison and people will be hearing both. No pressure there, eh?

And a week from Sunday in the middle of Bumbershoot and all its Broo-ha-ha, we will be presenting a lecture series.. Art is Where You Find It or possibly Everyone Can Do Art. We must have a flyer to advertise this so that it can be passed around to entice people to attend. We've got the concept and perhaps even some/most of the presenters, but we still must make the flyer. Just a week or two ago it seemed the least of our worries. Now it's at the forefront of the short list that Bob must have had immediately three days ago.

I believe we should have stuck with the original self-imposed date of July 31st. There are so many details to work out at the last minute that I feel we really shouldn't be still doing assignments. Plus the logistical challenges involved for the installers for last-minute items. We won't even MENTION that there are just this week two new assignments on the LTLYM website. Do we want to be able to say we've done 63 of the 65? Or do we want to be able to say - as we've been saying all along - that we've done ALL the assignments there. So two more assignments added to the mix. Nigel has knocked them out quite easily but that still means more to upload/convert/double-check/edit, etc.

Once the assignments are all finished I will need to make the CDs and DVDs we need for the show. Continuous looping audio and video. More media-engineering under my belt. Interestingly enough it is MUCH easier to edit video even with changing soundtracks than it is to edit audio. Who'd have thunk it?

So I will say "adieu" for now and hope to see you all at Bumbershoot. One of us will likely be there, in the Olympic Room for most of the festival. Look for Nigel in his pink suit!

Keep the faith - look how far it's taken us!


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Is your "saddest song" on the LtLYM website? I would love to hear it but can't find it!

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