Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Time Flies

Wow! We are coming down to the wire. Those of you watching our assignments grow on the LTYLM website will see that we have been busy, busy, busy. I've spent more time learning to use editing software for audio and video and how to combine and uncombine them than I ever dreamed was going to be necessary. Not to mention the conversion processing and hoops I've been jumping through. Pete has been doing some masterful video production, taking all the snippets and multiple angles of the same performance and splicing them together seamlessly with cool transitions and everything. I've been doing the same for the audio.

We have a lot of awesome minutes of recording from Pete's 8th grade graduation which we used for the "record a choir" assignment. It was really difficult to choose the 45 seconds to use. If you come to Bumbershoot, you can hear the long version. We had several technical glitches, not the least of which is trying to change everything to a format that can be used on the website. I wonder how many people don't get to have their A/V posted because they don't know how to convert it.

I spent some time myself looking through our posted assignments this morning (which didn't yet include the several more I sent to the master-of-all-postings, Yuri, last night). We have accomplished an amazing amount of work this Summer and we still have a bit to go. Nigel in a pink child's outfit looks like nothing less than a Pink Jedi. His art is amazing for someone who thought himself not an artist at the beginning of this journey. It proves our point that anyone can do art. Which by the way is going to be our lecture series which you can catch on Sunday at Bumbershoot - Anyone Can Do Art. We will have presentations from several people both in and out of the family on different types of art and some hands-on stuff so that people in the crowd can be convinced.

We are meeting weekly with the wonderfully patient Mr. Bob of One Reel who is managing to finesse all the conflicting personalities with the aplomb of a Deity. Kudos to him for keeping his cool while all around are continuously questioning the plan, the process and the outcome. We are about to do a little internal press releasing of our own so that people we know in Seattle don't fault us for not letting them know about our little summer project until it's too late. For those of you who don't plan to attend Bumbershoot but live in the area, the visual arts portion of Bumbershoot will be open to the public on the Friday before Bumbershoot from noon until 6pm. So if you want to catch all our art in one place and in person - check us out - we'll be there. It will be right after the Mayor's Art Awards.

While editing video, I've come across some footage of a project in progress. I'm going to try and post it to this blogsite, but in case I can't you can look for it on google videos. Well, must go now to compose Mary's art and text into a flyer of her day. Watch for it to be posted everywhere on Capital Hill (for assignment 10) and watch the website where you can click on "latest reports" of the Oliver family to watch them grow all the way to 63. Then you can give a cheer for us. Remember that 63 is the minimum. There are many projects that more than one of us has completed so I am going to be very interested in the final number to see just how many total projects we will have finished this Summer.

See you later!


miranda said...

i just finished reading your life story. i was glued to the screen, following the all the up and downs, all the moves and jobs and children and schools. it was completely startling to see the words "learning to love you more" at the end and it felt very strange and lucky to have intersected with your life. usually you meet someone with almost no understanding of the life that has come before. in any case, it made me feel even more grateful for the energy you and your family have put in to the project. it somehow made it real - not just an idea.
and have no doubts about your writing or how interesting the story is. i get bored easily - and i found it absolutely gripping.
all the other new reports are terrific. really looking forward to bumbershoot.

Jasmin! said...

That is so amazing, I wish I could be this close to my family.

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