Thursday, August 9, 2007

This week's progress

This week we have been mostley working on Assignments #1, #10, #5, #44, #32
and a few others. On monday night Nigel finished Assignment #1, and he wore it to work on Tuesday. Then Neil, a fellow Greenpeep, took the pictures.
#10 Mary has been doing with the help of Pete, Mom, Dad. The flier has been completed, including colorful illastrations, and Nigel is getting it copied as we speak.
I have asked Amy, a neighbor about #5, Recreate an object from someone's past, She gave me three objects, But I need to find some good cardboard.
#44, make an LTLYM assignment, Everyone kind of has their own ideas about that one, but we have not decided yet.
#32 was finished on Monday by Pete, who cried in "Pay it Forward" a family favorite. If you have not seen I recommend you do.
If you have any questions or comments please post them.

~The Olivers

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